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The impeller is the central part of any air moving appliance or system. To ensure that the best performance is achieved and the power consumption and noise levels are as low as possible, it is of the utmost importance that the right impeller is chosen.

For four decades we have been specialising in the design and supply of quality axial-flow impellers.

Axial-flow impellers are our business. With an extensive product range and with a high level of technical support, Multi-Wing is a natural choice - world wide - when ventilation is required.

Check our webpage and see how well the Multi-Wing concept and product live up to demands of our industry.


All data concerning the performance of the impeller is produced in our wind tunnel which is built to the American AMCA standard. It is of course vitally important that our data is reliable.

Strenght is a key word. A range of tests is used to assess the durability of our design. Start/stop, maximum speed and temperature limits are parameters which are always used.

The wind tunnel and all other test facilities enable us to provide our customers with extensive guidance.

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